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Considering of the future of students coming to Japan fascinated by remarkably modernized Japan and join our school, Tokyo College of Education Tamagawa School, our main objectives is to enhance human resources, who can appreciate Japanese culture and the way of thinking deeply and objectively which leads to promote cross cultural understanding. 
The majority will go to a postgraduate school, national or private university or technical school after graduating from our school, and we sincerely hope that they  will act as a go-between for their own country and Japan in future.For those purposes, we aim to equip students with the necessary Japanese linguistic skills.
We provide students with high standard of teaching in professional environment combined with personal in nature.Principal of Tokyo College of Education Tamagwa school

                   Munehiko Kuyama


  • Students must have completed 12 years of education in their homeland or have equivalent qualification.
  • Students must be 18 years of age and in good health.
  • Must or will be granted students visa.

1. Personal document

  • application form
  • original graduate certificate
  • school reports
  • graduated photo
  • Japanese studying course certificate (if any)
  • employment letter or proof
  • passbook copy
  • 4 photos ( 4 x 3 cm)

2. Financial support documents

  • application form
  • bank statement
  • income proof
  • supporter `s relationship proof. Ex. Birth of cert.etc.
  • tax assessment

3. Upon receipt of all necessary documents. We will submit to the Immigration Bureau which  evaluateseach application.

4. We will deliver the approval result to each student accordingly


  • 16 years or older (Please consult us in case you are younger than 16 years of age.)
  • Visas other than Precollege Visa (Visa Waiver candidates, Work Visas, Family Visas, Spouse Visas, Permanent Resident Visas, Long-Term Resident Visa, Designated Activities (Working Holiday) VisasEach student is required to attain a visa individually.)
  • Course Period (three months)
  • There will be a level check test at the entry to decide the student's class. A test will be conducted every 3 months at the end of each term and the result will decide the class in the following term.  
  • You must go back to your home country if you commit any of the following:
  • Law violations
  • School regulation violations
  • Late payments of lesson fee
  • Long period of absence
  • Bad academic performance
  • Noncompliance to the headmaster's instructions

Enrollment period Application fee 1st year 
2st year total
April 20,000JPY 702,000JPY 637,200JPY 1,359,200JPY
July 20,000JPY 702,000JPY 491,400JPY 1,213,400JPY
October 20,000JPY 702,000JPY 345,600JPY 1,067,600JPY
January 20,000JPY 702,000JPY 199,800JPY 921,800JPY

 Entrance date Application period study period
April October to the end of November 2years
July January to 10th of March 1year and 9months
October April to the end of May 1year and 6months
January July to 10th of September 1year and 3months

 Tuition fee Application period
 45,000JPN×3(135,000JPN)  Every day